Sunday, September 4, 2011

Back in the Saddle Again

And so it ends...

The chapter of my life dedicated to meniscus pain that kept me from running. Today I ran a half marathon - at an easy 12 minute/mile pace but nonetheless I feel that the act of completing the long run puts me back into the "runners" mode. I will go back to 10ks for the forseeable future with another 1/2 here or there as the situation requires. This is happening at the perfect time of year. Summer is winding down, even though it fitfully just begun. Cooler temps will allow for more afternoon runs, cloudy/rainy days will obviate the need for sunscreen

I have started to feel the delicious stiffness and soreness of calf and Achilles: the good soreness, where you know that a mile down the road it will be a memory - until you stop again! Today  I will rest-day it tomorrow I will do a 10k and see if it feels as short as I remember :)


  1. YEAH! I went running in the rain Sunday morning (10/9/11). t'was awesome. although my calfs were mooooing again... guess that 14 miles in Sacramento was a little bit too much too soon.... know anything about that SAMMY?
    Guess I have to take another week off and start back GGGGRADDDDUALLY!

  2. 4.5 miles in the rain down/around the Marina and Des Moines Creek Trail (perfect for rain running).